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Goddess Cacao Ceremony

Since ancient times, women have gathered in sacred circles to magically support, empower, and honor one another as reflections of the goddess, and share the secrets of embodied femininity. With today’s busy lifestyles, it’s essential that we dedicate time for rejuvenation and sensual sisterhood. We crave gentle, safe space to slow down, exhale and […]

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The story of how an 80-year old woman taught me to orgasm

It seems like in general, boys don’t have an issue finding their orgasm, but girls often do.  For a long time, I was also in this category. Orgasm was elusive to me. Sometimes I would have one, when the circumstances were just so, and a willing lover was able to “give” it to me. […]

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“See you in bed.”

My husband and I kissed goodbye in the kitchen, and bid each other farewell: “See you in bed.” He, a professional musician, was off to a gig. And I, a professional pleasure activist, was off to a sensual dance class.  Rather than giving each other an expectation of meeting at a certain time, we […]

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When you feel sexy you are hard to turn against yourself.

Here’s what society doesn’t tell us growing up: When you feel sexy, you are harder to push over. When you enjoy your body, you are harder to turn against yourself. And vice versa. When you give up on feeling ecstatic, you are easier to manipulate. When you desert the enjoyment of your body, you […]

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3 Steps to Maximize your Body’s Design for Pleasure

Click below if you prefer to listen Simple truth: your female body is designed for enjoyment. She’s a creature engineered by Mother Nature to fully enjoy herself, and to be enjoyed by others. Also true is that owning this reality in our culture can feel risqué, but it’s scientific fact. We didn’t evolve just […]

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My party that lasted for 3 days & b’day special extension

Woah! Turning 39 has been a whirlwind of joy and adventure. It began with a costume party I hosted at my place. Dressing up as an alternative identity adds magic to the mood! My costume was Desert Princess from the planet Mule. (If you’re not familiar with planet Mule, google it.) My divine Swiss […]

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My birthday question: How long can you last on the dance floor?

Sister, may I ask you, do you dance? And do you dance often? Furthermore, do you dance like a woman who is wild and free at heart in the privacy of your home? And are you willing to rock out on a dance floor, and if so, how long can you last? The reason […]

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How to Answer the Call of your Temple Body

I call it your Animal Body. She calls it your Temple Body. Who am I talking about? The incredible Sofiah Thom, the creator of Temple Body Arts. She’s a woman I’ve been magnetized to since the moment I first heard her voice. Now she’s a friend and one of my favorite teachers on the […]

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Seriously… pleasure?

I’m writing to you today to address a concern that comes up for many women. Many women, when they hear me say that pleasure is vital for weight loss, are skeptical that an approach focused on pleasure can work. It’s not surprising that they feel this way. For decades, women have been made to […]

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Why I was naked on a bed of moss

I’ve just returned from a retreat center in the rainforest in Whistler, Canada.  It was nestled among HUGE trees with a river flowering through the land, and a profusion of flowers and bird life, including hummingbirds. It was breath-taking! One lunchbreak, while walking by the river with other participants in the program, we discovered […]

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