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From Sperm Donor to Husband

Just before the pandemic was announced, I hit rock bottom in my inner world. Physically I was safe, but internally I was falling apart. 🥺 I was racked with grief over a regretted abortion and a [...]

The fascinating history of women’s pleasure

The history of women’s pleasure is a fascinating tale. It has 3 distinct phases, and swings from one pole to another. PHASE 1.0 The first phase began when humanity emerged into existence as [...]

How I’m healing at the P*ssy Mansion

Truth be told, I’m emerging from a dark time, and stepping back into the light of the privilege of being alive. 💡 The child in my womb is motivating me to turn a corner from depression, to [...]

Revealing the Naked Truth

I received an overwhelmingly positive response to my last post in which I revealed not only that I’m pregnant, but that this good news comes on the back of a very dark time of regret and despair [...]

Big news… a baby is on the way 🤰

I have big news to share… I am 7 months pregnant and expecting a girl in December. 🤰 I am thrilled. My husband Deva is thrilled. And we feel celebrated by our community in our conscious choice to [...]

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