Introducing my Birth Doulas

I’d like to continue introducing you to my birth team.

I been in a previous post with my midwife, Lea Ritter, and now I want to tell you about my doulas—there were 4 of them!

Whereas my midwife was a paid professional, my doulas were all close girlfriends, participating in my birth at no charge, purely out of the love in their hearts.

I’m incredibly grateful to all of them for their amazing and unique forms of support. 💝

I’ll tell you about them one by one.

The first doula who raised her hand for the role was Mana Shams. She’s my best friend and the godmother of our baby. As soon as I was pregnant, she immediately offered to help with the birth and I instantly knew she was perfectly qualified to do so. ❤️

Mana is a medical intuitive and energy worker. She’s a Sufi mystic, musician and dancer. And so much more, it’s hard to explain.

Above all she comes from her heart all the time. She carries a sublime energy and everybody notices. ✨

Happily, Mana and I spent the entire pregnancy having fun together. We participated in a 13-Moon Priestess training all year. We danced and made music. And we got excited about the baby.

Mana would speak to my baby in my womb in Farsi, her mother tongue. Over and over she spoke to the baby. They say the unborn baby can actually hear voices, and recognize the most frequently heard ones. Isn’t that amazing! 🤩

I started to notice something extraordinary. When Mana would hug me, the baby would give her a little kick. When she would kiss my belly the baby would kick exactly where she kissed.

The baby was clearly sensing her presence and responding! I didn’t even know this was possible! 💎

Throughout the pregnancy, Mana participated in my birth preparation in more ways that I can list. She gave me emotional support every step of the way, massages, health advice, and more. As the birth rapidly approached, she helped me arrange baby clothes, a rocking cradle for the baby, and so much more.

However, when the time came for the birth, the baby took her sweet time, and went past her so-called “due date,” a concept I don’t believe in.

Mana already had plans to go to a sacred retreat in India, and by the time she had to leave, the baby was not born yet! The baby was born 2 days after her departure.

In the end, Mana first saw the baby through a phone screen, but since she’s returned, she’s a regular visitor to the babe.

I feel profoundly lucky to have such a supportive friend in my life, including as my birth doula.

Mana will be in little Zoë’s life forever, making her a very lucky girl too. 🥰

May all beings be lucky enough to have a friend as devoted as Mana Shams. 💎


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