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Welcome. My name is Jena.

If you want to live a life of sensual satisfaction, sexual empowerment, and deep connection with your body and soul, then you’re in the right place.

I’m here to show you how to:

  • Feel connected with your body
  • Experience luscious sensuality and self-love
  • Have fulfilling, meaningful sex
  • Live a lifestyle of pleasure and satisfaction

Personally, I’ve been on a long and winding path:

… from sexual numbness, sensual shutdown, and a history of sexual trauma, to experiencing sexual empowerment, sensual fulfillment, and a deeply satisfying partnership.

… from a painful struggle with food and weight, to having pure enjoyment with food, and possessing what I call ‘unshakeable body confidence’.

… from feeling disconnected from my body, to feeling deeply tuned in to my body wisdom, and connected to my pleasure in life.

I used to think I’d struggle with my body and my sexuality  my whole life. That was until I came across the teachings that instilled in me a profound faith that it doesn’t have to be this way! I realized that healing and transformation is possible, for any woman.

Don’t take my word for it, hear from my community…

Marie Forleo

“Jena la Flamme takes a powerful stand for us to enjoy our bodies and become healthy and vibrantly alive in the process. If you want to enjoy the skin you’re in, look no further. Jena will guide you every pleasurable step of the way.”

Christiane Northrup, M.D.

“The entire solution to sustainable body confidence is pleasure. And Jena la Flamme outlines the path. Delightfully.”

Rose Cole

“If Tantra is the art of celebrating your 5 senses as a way to honor being alive, Jena is a world authority. If you want to bust through shame, and truly have unshakable body confidence, I hope you get to work with this High Priestess of Pleasure. You will be forever transformed!

Through her work, I’ve shed a lifetime of insecurities and sexual shame.

Jena has created a magical portal through which massive healing and shedding of sexual shame is possible… and all through pleasure. Yes, pleasure!

Thank you, Jena, for showing us how to live an exceptional life, free from the shackles of sexual shame and body image issues.”

Annie Lalla

“I thought I was fully empowered in my sexuality until I met Jena. She showed me how to take it to the next level!

Jena stood for my pleasure through many romantic escapades. She taught me to honor my feminine animal body under all circumstances, to understand the sacredness of my pussy, and to always defend my erotic innocence.

Jena is an ambassador of good sex–in all its myriad forms. She will find where you unconsciously shame your desires and gently liberate their voice. She will teach you how to feel safe in sensations and free in your body.

But most importantly, Jena will hold the highest vision for your sexual success until you have what you always wanted with your lover.”

Jody England

“Aside from being one of the most embodied and powerful feminine goddesses I know, Jena is a truly unique creature and a masterful coach. She has facilitated me to meet my animal body for the first time and not only made friends with her, but actually activated a loving, curious, and reverent relationship with her. My body is tingling with aliveness and anticipation of the pleasures that follow.”

KC Baker

“One of the most brilliant women I know is Jena la Flamme. I have learned more from this woman than I can express. She is a master teacher of living a life of devotion to pleasure, and is one of the most radiant women on Earth. I highly recommend her teachings to any woman who wants to truly love herself and her life.”

Danielle LaPorte

“Jena is a leader in the pleasure tribe.”

“What Jena is teaching is revolutionary. She is a leader in the pleasure tribe. This is a methodology, and a ministry — and it’s about time.”

Ariel White

“Jena la Flamme is a true priestess of pleasure and force of sexual healing.  Simply being around her creates more possibilities of personal freedom and ecstatic expression. She walks her talk and is continually learning, which enriches her deep teachings.”

I grew up adopting the social role of the “good girl.” I was primarily focused on achievement and making others happy. My pleasure wasn’t even a consideration, and I felt guilty about any enjoyment I did experience.

Whatever pleasure I did have, it occurred in secrecy, cloaked in shame. I had an ingrained pattern of pleasing others, without considering my own needs. As a result, I suppressed the voice of my body, had poor boundaries with men, and catered to the satisfaction of my partners more than mine.

Eventually, I reached the point where my suffering was so great, I could no longer go on this way. I looked for solutions far and wide, until finally, I discovered the secrets that I now want to share with you:

 How to reclaim the natural rightness, brilliance and wisdom of your female body.

 How to reclaim your sovereign power to steer your life as you desire it.

 How to reclaim your erotic innocence and erotic intelligence.

 How to reclaim your natural born right to sensual satisfaction, sexual empowerment, and all the orgasms you want.

To share these secrets and more with you I’ve created a free ebook called, “11 Ways to Drop Your Inhibitions & Have All the Pleasure You Want.”

Underneath your inhibitions is a world of erotic innocence, sensual discovery, sexual exploration, and immense satisfaction. Download this ebook for free to learn how.

“11 Ways to Drop Your Inhibitions & Have All the Pleasure You Want.”

Enter your name and email and you’ll get your copy instantly, plus other free goodies and invitations that I share only with my subscribers.

If you’re looking to address what’s holding you back from the full experience of Sexual Empowerment, I’m here to help.

With love,

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