Introducing my psychic doula

I’ve been sharing about my birth team—so far my midwife, Lea Ritter, and the doulas, Mana Shams and Susan Bratton—and today I’m introducing the “psychic doula,” Naia Leigh.

My story with Naia goes back from way before the birth, when she helped me process and heal from a major trauma that was tearing me apart. With her keen intuition and psychic-abilities, she helped me tune in to a greater understanding of what I’d been through in life, and how to move on from the pain.

She helped me metaphorically “clear house,” so that I became an “empty vessel,” a womb-being ready to have a baby. This part of my pre-conception process was very important. 💎

From the time I was pregnant she said she’d be willing to travel to be at the birth, and when the time came, she’d moved to my area, and was readily available to participate in the lead up to the birth. ✨

And what a participant she was! She offered to co-organize my baby Blessing Way gathering and went out of her way to make all my dreams for this day come true, plus some I didn’t even know I had. 🤩

As the pregnancy wore on, she’d come and rub my shoulders, and tell us about psychic messages she’d received from our baby.
Three simple statements stood out.

“My mama is so beautiful and I already love her so much.”
“I request silence in the room when I’m being born.”
And, “I am very small, but I know what I’m doing.” 

Naia felt the last one referred to the birth, and we meditated on her instinctively knowing how to be born. Given the baby took her sweet time in the gestation process, this thought that “she knew what she was doing,” became a source of reassurance.

Naia showed up in so many ways. When my husband and I needed it, she’d be a listening ear for our relationship. And when we needed to lighten up, laugh and relax with a great meal, and have some fun, she’d be there for a lark. 🥰

When I was 40 weeks pregnant, Naia single-handedly took on creating a plaster-of-Paris belly cast, that we later painted and hung as an art piece.

Whenever I’d express a desire for the birth, she’d be listening, and was attentive to supporting me to make it so. 💝

For example, at the Blessing Way gathering she adorned me with a crown of baby roses, a desire I’d mentioned. Later she gathered craft materials and put hours into co-creating a colorful handmade mobile for the baby, adorned with roses, feathers, butterflies and more—another desire I had expressed. 🌺🌸

And two nights before the birth, when my labor surges” (a better word for contractions) were happening, she motivated my husband to set up his DJ gear in the living room, getting us up and dancing, even through the surges. (I have a video of this I’ll release one day!) 💃🎶

As the story would have it, she had to leave town the next day, for a prior commitment. Though she wanted to be at the birth, she had to go. As Naia left town, doula #4 showed up, and that’s the story of how I came to have 4 doulas.

If I’d succeeded in having a home birth with her there, she would have been singing with her frame drum, supporting the sacred space with her keen intuition, and doing anything needed to support me and baby. ✨ 

Weeks later, as I was still recovering from the surgery, Naia visited and held the babe in her arms. The baby loves skin-to-skin cuddling and Naia loves it too. 💕

Naia is a wonderful friend, attentive auntie, ambassador of sisterhood, and a fantastic doula. I’m extremely grateful for the grace of her in my life. May we all be as open hearted with our sisters. 👭❤️



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