The fascinating history of women’s pleasure

The history of women’s pleasure is a fascinating tale. It has 3 distinct phases, and swings from one pole to another.


The first phase began when humanity emerged into existence as cavemen and women. We evolved from four-legged to two-legged, and survived without any modern conveniences. That in itself is an amazing thought! 🤔

Pleasure was your brain’s reward for doing something that helped lead to survival or reproduction.

In that phase, EVERYTHING that constituted “pleasure,” was healthy and life-giving to us. Pleasure was innocent and guilt-free. It was a wise choice, like warming up next to the fire, eating ripe fruit, and soaking up the sunshine. 🌤

We worshipped a mother goddess, who was also sexual. Sex was sacred and mystical. The yoni was a gateway to existence, with profound spiritual connotations. Women’s pleasure was a holy act.

And then, after many cycles around the moon… came phase 2.


In this phase, the sacredness of pleasure and sex were stripped away. Sex was deemed by religion, as only for reproductive reasons, and the “pleasure of sex” was associated with the devil.

Why this turn against sex? It was a way of disconnecting the people from their goddess-worshipping roots through shame, as part of the conversion to a dominating patriarchal religion.

This phase continues to this day and is sadly pervasive in much of the world, yet … a third phase exists.


The third phase is a modern return to the values of the first phase–our native state of respecting women’s pleasure and sexuality. 🌸

However nowadays, as life’s complexity has increased, women’s pleasure is also more complex and nuanced.

With the influence of the second phase affecting us, we need a strong sense of discernment, to distinguish between what’s really pleasurable for us, versus what we’ve been conditioned to believe.


If you’re reading this, it’s safe to say you’re surfing the wave into the third phase, in which the beauty and sacredness of the pleasure in your female body is FULLY RECLAIMED.

You’re ready to right the wrongs of history in your own body, in your own lifetime. 💎

To support you and guide you along that holy and sensual path, I’m offering a free Masterclass Replay:

Manifest your Desires with Pleasure

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For women who are ready to reclaim pleasure in their lives, & give themselves a healthy dose of the love they give to others.

Much love,

P.S. Knowledge is power, and I’m here to pass along the truth about pleasure that patriarchy has wanted to bury, and by that I mean knowledge in your mind AND in your body. 

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