We live in a world that systemically shames women from our innate Erotic Power. For example, a highly sexual man is given the complimentary term of a “Stud,” while a woman is contemptuously described as a “Slut.” 
Then there’s the Madonna/Whore complex in which women are seen as either respected, saintly, Virgin Mothers who are sexually undesirable. Or as sexually desirable whores, who deserve no respect. There is no middle ground in which to have it all. We can be admired for our intelligence or our sexuality, not both, says our conditioning.

With all this bashing of our sexuality, women are vulnerable to losing touch with our Erotic Power–nevertheless it exists within us, nonetheless.

It comes as no surprise that there’s no widely accepted term for a sexually empowered woman who fully inhabits and enjoys her Erotic Mojo, so I’ve coined one–the Sensual Siren.

When you’re in your Sensual Siren power you:

🌸 Own your beauty and feel magnetically attractive 
🌸 Reconnect with who you are and what you want, sexually and in general
🌸 Are ready and open to pleasuring yourself and/or having pleasure with a partner
🌸  Feel skilled at, enthusiastic about, willing to explore, and deeply nourished by sex
🌸  Are so potent at giving and receiving pleasure that you (and your lover) are both blown away by the experiences you’re having

What’s included in the 21-Day Immersion:

🌸  3 live Zoom calls with Sensual Siren training & Coaching Hot-seats. 
🌸  Each participant will get a hotseat on every call and the recordings are provided
🌸  3 guided Sensual Embodiment meditations for continued practice at home.
🌸 Your questions between calls answered in a WhatsApp group
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