The most sensual weekend of my life…see for yourself.

I am just back from a weekend away at a dance event called the LA Zouk Festival, where I was learning, practicing and enjoying a magical Brazilian partner dance called Zouk, which was unquestionably one of the most sensual weekends of my life.

What made it so sensual?
The location… a hotel in an old Art Deco boat, with beautiful wooden panels that gleamed a golden color, elegant ballrooms, and cute round windows overlooking the sea.

The company… dear friends and new friends I would meet for the first time, all devoted to harmonizing their energy in this dynamic dance focused on connection.

The music…some DJs were more to my taste than others, but overall, there was a lot of great music to inspire dancing, flirting, and a general good mood.

The outfits…there were costumes themes that inspired creative outfits that added even more fun.
And the dance itself… zouk dancing gives an incredible license to be respectfully close and intimate with your partner, breathing together, moving together, building up more and more pleasure in waves.

Here’s a video of me zouking with a Brazilian instructor, Nathalia Moura. Doesn’t that look delicious?

I left the weekend brimming with pleasure, my body confidence at a peak. I’m a novice dancer, but I’m there to enjoy myself, and when I let loose and disengage from the judgments of the mind, I might as well be a master, I’m having so much fun.

Body confidence comes from enjoying your body, and not waiting until “one day” to let loose. 

Sacred sexual empowerment comes from opening yourself up to the many forms of pleasure life has to offer, and drinking them in unabashedly…because you deserve to feel this good.

If you’d like to feel graceful, powerful and beautiful in your body, and you’d like to have more sensuality and sacred sexual magic in your life then join me for my free Masterclass coming up this Friday, May 10 at 1 PM PT, 4 PM ET, 9 PM London time.


Join is live if possible to maximally participate in your sensual empowerment now. After all, why wait to enjoy this one precious body you’ve been born with.

Jena la Flamme

P.S. A woman approached me out of the blue and said, “Your dance movements are lovely, and so is how you move through the world between dance.” I thanked her. Again, I am a novice dancer, but I put my heart and soul into every move, and relentlessly do my best to keep my thoughts in the present moment. When I move in the world, I try to lead with my heart too. These are the ways of the Sensual Siren. Join me in this masterclass to learn the ropes ➰🧜‍♀️

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