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Sarah Jenks

“I lost 30 pounds AND have completely transformed my romantic relationship. To have the freedom around food has been tremendous–I can AT LAST live my life.”

“I’ve been on and off diets for most of my life. I couldn’t keep foods like cookies or ice cream in the house, because they would set off a binge for me. I’d finish the lot! Weight gain, of course, resulted and constant anxiety. Food is everywhere and when I couldn’t be comfortable around it, I was constantly uncomfortable.

Being overweight was affecting my relationship with my fiancé. Our sex life had diminished. I was really sensitive to any comments he made about my body. If the comment was either negative or neutral, I took it as an insult, and if it was a compliment I never believed him! This created a lot of stress in our relationship!!

In my business, there was a financial costs, as the weight prevented me from giving myself full force into my work. I shied away from really putting myself out there, and my earning power suffered.

I’ve had a lot of experience with nutritionists in my life, having seen three in the past. One had me on a very strict diet plan with low fat food and calorie regulation. Another one had me replacing breakfast and lunch everyday with crappy protein bars and taking lots of supplements, and the most recent one was more about portion control. None of them ever addressed important parts of my weight loss puzzle like relationships, work, pleasure, and femininity.

With Jena we focused on multiple aspects of my life that related to my relationship with food.

Her approach is both step-by-step oriented and concrete, yet invites self-exploration and subtle changes.

I think the most helpful thing for me was in putting feminine pleasure at the the forefront of my life. I never really made it a priority. I finally made the connection between pleasure and eating. I realized how eating has been my body’s way of calling out to be noticed. I’ve found that the more I am able to exercise my femininity in my life, the more the overeating has just fallen away. That’s really one of the most effective things this work has helped me instigate. I feel sexy – it’s a great feeling!

Sarah Jenks,
Nutritional consultant, NYC

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