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Megan la Russa

When I started working with Jena la Flamme I was living in New York, working the fashion industry with a lot of pressure about weight and body image and “looking the part.”

My self esteem was really low. I had put on fifteen pounds, which may not sound like a lot, but I’m short and it just really added up and again, being in the fashion industry I couldn’t fit into my clothes. I felt lethargic and had no energy for my job. I was becoming depressed, especially in the winter months when it was cold and snowing, I didn’t want to leave my bed. It had gotten really bad.

So I stumbled upon Jena’s website and immediately set up an appointment with her. I remember crying to her that it felt like such a match upon talking to her, because she was so loving and nurturing. There was no judgement for putting on weight, or being insecure, or anything like that. Instead it was a loving approach to weight loss, and to more than just to weight loss, to being healthy and happy.

And through our time together I took yoga classes which really relaxed me in a busy city like New York. She even took me to Whole Foods, to show me all the different types of vegetables and different products and what brands are best. She really gave me the tools so that I could really become my own wellness guide and expert. She was there for everything. No problem was too small or too big. When the weight wasn’t dropping off at first, there was no judgement there. It was just, “what can we do to make you happy, to help get this weight off of you, to be healthy?”

Now I’m 20 pounds lighter, but it’s more than a number on the scale, it’s how my clothes fit, how I feel, and the more energy I have. I now have my own fashion consulting business, and once in a while I even do some modeling myself, just for fun. The confidence Jena has given me is really amazing, and just the lightness I feel thanks to her. I just can’t express into words how wonderful experience it’s been.

When I met Jena I didn’t really even like to exercise. I liked to dance when I was younger but I’d just lost all interest in exercise, it just wasn’t fun, it was more of a chore. And Jena helped me find dance classes that brought aback my love for dance and got me excited to work out again. And when it was no longer a chore or a pain, I was motivated to make it happen.

For anyone that needs help with self-confidence, with weight loss, with health issues, and just feeling happy or in touch with pleasure in your life, I recommend this program without hesitation. Jena is an amazing person and a true expert in her field.

Megan la Russa,
Style Expert, Birmingham, AL.

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