Sensual Siren Activation Episode 4 with Kamala Leslie

~The Revolution Will Be Wet~

One reason I chose the term “Sensual Siren Activation” to symbolize the awakening of the body-confident, sensually empowered woman we were each born to be, is the association with water.

When your sensuality is purring, so your inner wetness will flow. I love having that moist feeling surprise me in moments when I am really enjoying myself, and not necessarily even doing anything sexual. This is when my whole body is awakened with the pleasure of dancing, a sexy thought, or the presence of someone who is shining their light.

It’s a gorgeous, magical, empowering feeling!

Joining me to dive into the waters of Sensual Siren Activation is my guest for Episode 4 of my Facebook Live Show, Kamala Leslie. Kamala is a friend and colleague who deeply inspires me with her connection to pleasure and sacred sensual empowerment.

She exudes light and pleasure, no surprise given her more than twenty years of study and practice in the healing and spiritual arts including yoga, Tantra, Taoist healing, dance, and coaching certifications.

We usually bump into each other while dancing at Brazilian Zouk, a.k.a., sensual paradise on the dance floor, and today, you can meet her too as we explore what a Sensual Siren is to her, and her favorite tools for coming into a direct and loving relationship with sensuality, sexuality and body confidence.

Self-love both in and out of the bedroom are the way of the Sensual Siren, and together we’ll explore how to revolutionize our lives with juicy, empowered pleasure.

Join us for the conversation by watching the video above!

With love,

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