Sensual Siren Activation Episode 3 with Alexandra Jamieson

~Why Being An Activated Sensual Siren Matters~

There’s so much suffering, poverty and devastation in the world, you may wonder, DOES YOUR SENSUALITY REALLY MATTER?
There’s so much noise and so many people competing for attention, you may wonder, DOES YOUR VOICE REALLY MATTER?

The answer to both is YES!
Absolutely YES.

The worst thing for the world is for women to be numbed out and insecure about who they are.

Activating your sensuality is the antidote for numbness. 

Equally bad for the planet is women to be mute, silenced, and shut down in their voice. Activating your throat and your ability to speak up without fear of approval is the antidote for being silenced.

That’s why I love the symbol of the Activated Sensual Siren. We don’t need Barbie as a role model. We don’t need airbrushed models. We need raw, turned on, loud, vocal women. We need women who are ready to challenge the status quo as we rise up to embrace our birthright as confident, radiant, turned on beings.

That’s why I’m interviewing a dear friend, colleague and role model, Alexandra Jamieson in my Facebook Live Sensual Siren Activation Show.

Enjoy this no-nonsense discussion of waking up our sensuality, owning our sexuality, and expressing ourselves fully on every level as we do.

Alexandra Jamieson is the author of the best-selling book, Women, Food and Sex, that came out the same day as my book Pleasurable Weight Loss, a few years ago. It’s one of my favorite books ever, and she is one of my favorite people, because she’s so down-to-earth and well-rounded as a human being. She’s a master chef, and co-star of the movie “Super-Size Me,” a mother and so much more. She’s freaking hilarious and willing to speak out to confront all the “isms” that keep our society stuck repressing the same people over and over.

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