Harvest Queen Birthday Girl 🥂

It’s my birthday today. Happy birthday to me! 🎉🥂

I find myself in the sunshine on the porch of my ginger bread-esque house in a majestic redwood grove in California, feeling very blessed to be here to welcome in a new solar cycle. ☀️🌎

My birthday corresponds to the pagan celebration of Lammas, one of the 8 spokes of the wheel of the year, that lies halfway between the Summer Solstice and the Autumn Equinox. It is a portal in which to celebrate the glory of the golden Harvest time, which is the theme I’ve chosen for my coming year—harvest. 🌻

Last birthday I choose the theme of “rebirth” for my year. I feel that intention culminated three weeks ago when I got divorced and gave birth to myself anew as a single, sovereign being. When I chose the theme rebirth, what I had in mind was “creating” and generating something new. I didn’t realize how much loss, grief, letting go would come along with the process or how painful it would be. Deep breath. Now I know! ‍‍🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

Now I’m reborn, and ready to harvest the fruits of my growth.

From the mud of my being and my circumstances, I’m ready to burst forth as the lotus flower I know I am. (We all are.) 🌺🌺🌺

In my ancestral Nature-based traditions, at the beginning of August is the holiday of Lammas when the Celtic Sun God is celebrated, representing the enrichment and growth energy offered by the sun all summer long. ☀️

Now, as the sun begins to wane, the Mother Earth bears her bounty of delicious fruits and grains. Yummy! 🍉🍇🌾

With the harvest we learn that in order to gain from our hard work, we must let go of the old and allow the transformation into the new.

The Sun God is also the God of Lightening and storms. Decisions are called for that seem hard, because they require old comforts to fall away. We celebrate the summer storms that have cleared the sky anew. 🌈🌈🌈

I will celebrate my birthday with feasting, dancing, and a Lammas Harvest ritual with friends to embrace the wisdom of the holiday. 💃🙌

I declare myself the Harvest Queen! 👑

If you want to claim your own harvest–of your divine femme power, your sensuality, your sexuality, and more–then step into the circle and hold my hand. I’m here to call you to fulfill the longing of your soul to live with body confidence and oodles of sexual satisfaction. 🔥🔥🔥

As naturally as an apple will ripen to be juicy, crisp and delicious all at once, so it’s your nature to enjoy your body, and experience turn on as a common state of being that infuses your whole life. ✨✨✨

I’m here to activate a confident bounce in your step, and to initiate your Erotic Innocence to come to the forefront of your life.

If you feel the call to have this now, apply for a free Breakthrough session with me here at www.PleasureConsult.com

Thank you for your birthday blessings. May you hear this Leo roar in the year to come! ♌🦁

To the harvesting of our dreams come true, in divine timing. 💎💎💎

With love,

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