From Disappointment to “Desires Come True”

Disappointment can feel like a real b*tch.
It’s a punch in the guts.
It’s the wind taken out of your sails.
It’s the feeling that the pearl you have your heart set on, has been swept out to sea, and is utterly irretrievable.
Feeling disappointed with your body or your sexuality can be paralyzing
…until you learn its hidden gifts.

What are they?

The path to attain them may be unpleasant, but once they are yours, you feel powerful.

You find yourself in a surprising place. Cleansed by your loss, you are a clean slate, ready to be reborn!

By courageously giving up the fight and surrendering to loss, you become a fertile ground for seeds of pleasure to sprout and eventually bloom.

Which begs the question: what do you want to plant in your pleasure garden?

Remember, YOU CAN REINVENT yourself, your body confidence, and your sensual life. Once and for all, you can claim your Pussy Power!

So let me know:
—What’s currently breaking your heart?
—What’s driving you mad?
—What’s calling you forward to both rise up and over the edge into your multi-orgasmic potential?

Join me for video 2 of my series on loss and desire, that I shared in my Sensual Siren Activation group— “How & Why to Become the Goddess of Letting go and Release.”

And if you want to be personally nurtured and loved up by me as you embrace this super power to make way for your Sacred Sexual Empowerment and Body Confidence, then book a Breakthrough session with me at

Together we’ll have a heart-to-heart chat to accelerate your passage from loss to lust-for-life.

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