Why I skipped Burning Man but my art went without me

For the last 15 years I have made a spiritual pilgrimage to the Nevada desert to the famous festival, Burning Man. Correction, the first year I thought I was just going to a party, but I then discovered that the event is a life-changing transformational cauldron and a hotbed for spiritual growth.

Burning Man became an annual commitment, and at great effort I would travel from NYC via California, to the Black Rock Desert. In the dust I experienced the glory of the generous, innovative, creative human spirit, and my faith in humanity was restored! Big deal!

Over the years, I became the vision I saw there. For example, I was in awe of the tribal fusion belly dancers I witnessed on stage. This motivated me to learn belly dance from scratch in my late 20s, and became that dancer on stage, performing with world class musicians and dancers.

Furthermore, I started a dance troupe within my camp, called the Mystic Dancers, composed of female dancers enacting the telling of a feminist narrative through dance and poetic prose. Over the years our performances shared evolutionary ideas, and women watching told me they were inspired and transformed by the show. How rewarding!

However, this year a wind of change was in the air. The last 3 years I went with my now ex-husband, and I wanted a break from the rituals we had shared. I’ve been living in a gorgeous redwood forest by a creek and a waterfall, and the soothing sound of the babbling brook was what my nervous system needed more than a booming bass music party and a week of adventure.

So I listened to that inner voice that said, “Break the pattern. Don’t go anywhere. Stay home, be with the water and trees, and be still.”

That said, I knew the show must go on! I gathered a group of 9 amazing dancers and a star poet, Annie Lalla, and musical artist Jess Magic, and brought them together to form the Mystic Dancers. The theme of the show was “Micro-dosing on Death: Exalting in Life.” It began with bringing presence to the universal gravitas of mortality and declaring our inevitable death a transformational invitation to wake up. It delved into shame, guilt, fear and the darker emotions, and then progressed into catharsis, and the post-death mystery. The finale was the triumphant re-birthing of what’s possible, for all women, for all mankind, for Mother Earth and for Life itself!

I wasn’t there, but I heard it was the best show yet our camp has put on, and I’m very proud that the art piece I conceived 7 years ago thrives with life force, even without me.

Everything changes. There’s a time to explode into the world, and a time to rest and retreat. Yet whichever stage we are in, community will always take us higher, and art and creativity will always set us free.

How are you inspired to express yourself?
What are you motivated to learn and create with your body and imagination?
How orgasmicly do you want to live?
How sexy and sensual do you want to feel?

If you’d like my support integrating the magic of Burning Man, whether you’ve been or not, I’m at your service.

Empowering you with Erotic Innocence is my specialty.

I have tools and transformational techniques for you to rise into your body confidence and sacred sexual empowerment, to become the light of your own life, and a shining light of liberation and feminine deliciousness for others too.

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With love,

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