4 Reasons to Go for Body Confidence This Summer

If you’re ready for body confidence, you’re in luck: the best time of year to boost your feeling of well-being in your body is RIGHT NOW.

Summer is the ideal season for improving your body confidence and activating your sacred sexual empowerment—and that’s not just an old wife’s tale. The case for focusing on vitality during the summer months is scientific.

1. More Vitamin D, means more feeling Delicious. 🌞

Vitamin D, also known as the “sunshine vitamin,” is synthesized by the body as a response to sun exposure, and is absolutely essential if you’re going for gold with your body confidence and sacred sexual empowerment. Recent studies suggest that a substantial percentage of the population is vitamin D deficient. And while supplementation is recommended all year long, there’s nothing like sunlight for a free infusion!

Vitamin D is the most critical micro-nutrient when it comes to your hormonal balance that contributes to a good mood and your sexual flow. You can think of vitamin D as an essential nutrient for body confidence and sexual empowerment.

Soak up the Vitamin D: Now is the time to be out in the sun rays, drinking them in with your skin. In most parts of the Northern hemisphere, winter sun isn’t sufficient to trigger vitamin D synthesis, so now the sunshine is more intense, get it while you can. Aim for ten to fifteen minutes of sun exposure (without sunscreen) each day during summer to boost and maintain vitamin D levels. And if you want protection for additional exposure, I recommend wearing a wide brimmed hat and using natural and ocean-safe sunscreen brands like Coola and Badger.

2. Summer invites more pleasurable movement. 💃

The days are longer. The weather is warmer. The Great Outdoors are calling! Walking, hiking, swimming, gardening—bring it on! My favorite form of pleasurable movement in the summer is daytime dance parties, preferably outdoors. Seek these out in your area! Moving your body in a pleasurable way is the number one way to increase your body confidence. This does not apply to workouts that feel like a self-inflicted punishment! Gentle, pleasurable, low-impact movement that makes you feel sensual, in touch with your body, and liberated from your critical mind is the way to go.

Move your Holy Sensual Female Animal Body: Take a 20-minute walk or a long hike in Nature. Play Frisbee at the park. Put on a playlist and dance it out. Get out to a party where people will be dancing. Lose your inhibitions and reclaim your body confidence. Any gentle, circulation-improving pleasurable movement will support your embodiment and your sacred sexual empowerment.

3. Delicious, fresh, nourishing foods are cheaper and more available in the summer. 🥑 

Delicious fresh salads with avocado. Fruit salads. Green smoothies. Fresh vegetables galore at Farmers’ Markets! These foods are packed with nutrients and your body will know the difference. True body confidence is not built on skipping meals and drinking cups of coffee! Stimulants don’t bring stability to your mood, or your hormones, and you can’t expect your body to glow and your libido to hum, if you’re running on the equivalent of credit card energy.

When you truly nourish your body with a diet high in healthy fats (like avocados) and fresh fruits and vegetables, you promote hormone balance and put a spring in your step that can help you get out to the door to engage in life, or to jump into bed for a good time with yourself or a partner.

Eat the fresh harvest of summer: One of the beautiful things about fresh salads, fruit salads and green smoothies is that you can barely go wrong. Follow your intuition, your eye for visual beauty, and your taste buds of course, and experiment with variations. Be a kitchen artist. Improvise and improve as you go.

4. Summer encourages sensual, colorful clothing. 👗

How you dress definitely sets the tone for how you feel. When it’s cold, the need to keep warm can trump the need for style, but in summer you have more liberty, as clothes are more of an accessory than a warmth layer. When your clothes feel sensual, your body confidence will increase. When you adorn yourself like a goddess, your sacred sexual empowerment will come online.

Dress for summer success: Make the effort to wear something you’d give yourself a compliment for! And be gracious when compliments come your way. When you switch up what you’re wearing, people will notice. Flowing dresses, light fabrics, sunhats with personality—these are all available for your play and pleasure in the summer months. 

The world needs women to claim and own their beauty and their innate sacred sexuality. 

Lacking body confidence, you are operating with a handicap. Choosing to take the steps that will give it to you in spades, makes you a role model for our planet’s evolution.

Enjoy your summer goddess, and the body you’ve been given to enjoy with.

With love,

Leading Sacred Sexual Empowerment
and Body Confidence Activation Queen

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