Summer is over; people don’t quite get it; downward spiral

  1. Clock changes: It gets dark earlier, there’s less light, yet people act as if nothing has changed
  2. Halloween: candy / sweets
  3. Thanksgiving: originally spiritual holiday, now legalized binge: food, money, shopping
  4. Holiday season: shorter days, weather getting colder animals start hibernating, lights, candles, electricity, holiday shopping, more partying more food, alcohol, cake
  5. Christmas: huge meals, nothing to do
  6. New Year’s eve: more parties and alcohol
  7. January / February: we get the flu or SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)

But these are misnomers for going against Nature.

Dysfunctional behavior/going against nature in November and December creates these problems

To avoid these problems and to avoid major weight gains:
tuck yourself into bed earlier, hibernate

Party less / less alcohol

Decide that you don’t want to get messed up this year,
instead listen to and understand your body

Just get yourself horizontal even if you can’t sleep

In January / February: more vegetables and less junk
get out at lunchtime and look at the sun

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