To get to try out my services for yourself, the first step is a one-hour initial consultation (cost $97 ($197 value)) that is packed with value in itself. In this session, either in-person or by phone, we’ll discuss your health concerns and goals and determine what we can work on and the best way to proceed.


¬†Based on my experience, it takes takes several months for all of the “fresh habits” we set in motion together to become rooted into your reality as your habitual way of doing things. Over the years I have found that clients who participated for shorter durations of time would often reap results immediately, but subsequently experienced setbacks that frustrated them and held them back, without the consistency of having me there providing support and accountability.


Coaching sessions are every other week, giving you time to put the personalized recommendations into place.


If you would like to set up a session please call 212 260 6064 or email

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