Your Body Deserves a Place Like This

In order for us to be healthy, we need a healthy planet. The Pleasurable Weight Loss Center is proud to put our money where our mouth is by choosing materials that promote the health of the planet and therefore the personal health of each one of us. Read More Below.

100% Wind-Powered

The electricity used at the Pleasurable Weight Loss Center is 100% wind-powered. Only marginally more expensive than fossil fuel electricity, wind-power casts a smaller carbon footprint on the Earth.

Eco-Friendly Cabinetry and Floors

The cabinetry in our center is made of a new to the market product called wheat-board, that unlike many materials and varnishes, does not “off-gas,” meaning it does not release toxic gases to the environment. It is fabricated from an abundantly available agricultural waste product, the stalks that are left after the wheat for our bread is harvested, therefore it is considered an eco-friendly renewable material.

Most hardwood floors are sourced from the tropical rainforests and therefore contribute to their decimation. At Pleasurable Weight Loss we voted for sparing the rainforests and protecting the womb of life, within which half of all species of plants and animals in the world live, by using bamboo for our flooring. Bamboo looks just as good as Brazilian cherry, mahogany, and other hardwoods, whose usage is destroying rainforest in the Amazon, Indonesia, Africa and beyond.

Note: Bamboo and wheat-board are more expensive than the hardwoods, an indictment of our economic system that treats the health of the Earth as external to our wellbeing. Crimes committed against the planet, such as harvesting the hardwoods, that impoverish the planet are explained away on balance sheets but the real cost comes to all of us.

Organic and Local

As we consider it crucial to consume the highest quality food possible, we use organic and/or locally grown food used in our kitchen for our cooking classes and meals. Among other important health and environmental benefits, eating organic food minimizes the number of harmful toxins that you ingest and reduces their presence in the air, water, and soil, which has far-reaching impact and implications. Eating locally farmed food purchased at the farmer’s market builds community, and preserves genetic diversity. Most importantly, local produce is fresher, and thus tastes far better than food that has traveled hundreds of miles. What can beat the flavor of an apple picked just this morning? Being happy about the food we’re eating is the foundation for lasting weight loss and wellness.

How You Can Take Action

We have to build the world we want to live in one purchase at a time, please think ecologically as you make your own choices. Choose green materials – recycled paper, environmental cleaning products, building materials, renewable sources of energy. Think green, live green and support green organizations such as

Pleasurable Weight Loss is a proud supporter of Rainforest Relief. Rainforest Relief works to protect the world’s remaining tropical and temperate rainforests by reducing the demand for the products and materials of rainforest destruction such as timber and paper, industrial agricultural products such as beef and coffee and mining products such as oil, gold and aluminum.

If you want to be liberated from your weight loss struggle, and reach the body of your dreams through a strategy that’s pleasurable, not punishing, Click here to book a session.

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