1. Check in to what the voice of your female animal has to share with you about what she would like to eat or what else she needs at this time (water, rest, etc.) Make your food choices as a collaboration between the brain in
your head and the brain in your belly.

2. When you eat, make sure to be sitting down, and then breathe three times before you begin eating. Continue to breathe mindfully as you are eating–breathing through your nose as you eat through your mouth. Make this a signature of the way you eat–with breath.

3. Seek unadulterated pleasure in every bite you eat. Aim to extract as much pleasure as possible from the experience of eating and the food itself. Do this by slowing down and breathing and feeling your body. Pay attention to what you taste, smell, see, feel and experience. This will activate your body’s natural appetite control.

4. Eat to the point of energy. Notice and track your energy as you eat, on the spectrum between tired and energized. As you eat, your energy will go up. When you’ve had enough to eat, your energy will start to go down. Stop eating when you feel your energy decrease, and complete the meal feeling energized and ready to take on the world. This is “eating to the point of energy.”

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