Unshakeable Body Confidence
6 Weeks to Deep Down Body Confidence, True Self-Love, and Total Freedom!

I’m about to Show You the Secrets to Having Deep Down Body Confidence, True Self-Love and Freedom from the Internal Noise of Insecurities, Self-Criticism and Self-Doubt... Forever!
Imagine this possibility for yourself…

• Never again wasting a single drop of your precious energy worrying about what you look like. 

• Feeling genuinely Sexy & Confident in your body... both out in the world and in private. 

• Noticing your reflection, in a mirror in your home or in a store window as you walk by… and not having a single self-critical thought be activated, but instead feeling delighted by what you see! 

• Being in the arms of your current passionate lover (or your future one), totally present, self-assured, sensual, and at home in your skin. 

• Experiencing the Magic of being Fully Present to all aspects of your life, fully engaged, without being bogged down by discomfort or embarrassment about your body. 

Even if you've struggled to feel good about your body for years, this IS possible for you. 

What led me to teach women how to do this was my own story of feeling insecure about my body and myself. Like many women, as soon as I hit puberty I became highly self-conscious of my body. I was preoccupation with being "magazine thin," and soon I spiraled into a full out war against my body. 

For the next decade, I was a binge-eater, over-indulging to the point it of feeling awful, and then cruelly restricting and denying myself food to punish myself. I was ashamed of my secretive behavior. I felt blotchy, pale, bloated, pudgy and exhausted, and was embarrassed of my body. 

Because I felt so poorly about myself, I had poor boundaries with men. I put myself in compromising sexual scenarios without attention and had a hard time saying no, even when I felt really wanted to. I so deeply wanted the approval of the men I was with that I paid more attention to pleasing them than to listening to what really felt good to me.

I also felt insecure in the company of other women and my closeness with girlfriends suffered. I kept my sights set on fairly low goals, so that I would not risk failing. I wondered how other people judged me ... because I certainly judged myself! It was a miserable state of existence!

Still, the story didn't end there. I had endured so much pain that I was on a serious quest to get to the bottom of my suffering.

I wanted to feel peaceful, powerful and confident in my skin, and how the story goes is that EVENTUALLY, my journey led me to the teachings that finally gave me what I'd been longing for all along--deep down body confidence, self-love in abundance, sexual satisfaction, and inner peace.

Most woman think that losing weight and looking good is the key to unlocking the gateway of reliable body confidence and sturdy self-love, but I discovered it's not the case.

There's nothing wrong with wanting to lose weight if that's something you desire, but body confidence, self-love and freedom take something different.

I've spent the last 15 years totally immersed in all aspects of helping women of all shapes and sizes feel great in their bodies. And in my experience, it's plainly obvious that a struggle with weight is merely a symptom of a deeper source issue.

Losing weight is NOT the real or the ultimate solution.

Feeling amazing is an inside game. 

What does this mean? It means Body Confidence and True Self Love can be learned... 

...and I can show you how! In fact, stay with me a while... and I WILL show you how! (I will revel in your beautiful unfolding!) 

It breaks my heart to see women everywhere doubting themselves, feeling insecure and inadequate and judging their precious bodies. This pattern of self-criticism has become a plague rampant in our society, robbing us all of the true gifts our Feminine Creatures have to offer the planet. 

It’s tragic that Women feel on a constant treadmill trying to improve themselves and be “good enough,” …without ever truly believing they can ever simply be or do enough in this world. They try strategy after strategy…experiencing momentary relief... but never reaching a sustainable state of Body Peace, Self-Love and the pleasure of Freedom. 

I know this from personal experience. 

Self-doubt and self-criticism, used to be the story of my life, too. Like many other women, a huge amount of my precious life force energy and attention was constantly consumed with anxiety, fear, worry and doubt. 

 “I’m not good enough,” was the unconscious belief that infected every area of my life like a nasty virus. I overate in an attempt to numb my painful feelings and quiet my self-loathing thoughts. I struggled with weight gain, low energy and skin breakouts... I got caught in a desperate, downward cycle for a decade before I found the solutions and practices that helped me get where I am today.

Here’s my before and after photo. 

My appearance has changed, but what is most radically transformed is my self-esteem, self-worth and self-love.

I’ve devoted the last 17 years of my life to helping woman all over the world be free of the self-loathing I used to experience every day and look and feel their best. I’m the author of the highly acclaimed book “Pleasurable Weight Loss: The Secrets to Feeling Great, Losing Weight & Loving Your Life Today.” My work has been featured in Elle, Glamour and Prevention Magazines and other media outlets.

 And most inspiring of all, I receive daily emails and Facebook messages from women thanking me for liberating them from shame and suffering and uniting them with the irrepressible power of their female body and of pleasure. 

I’m a passionate advocate for women’s well-being and self-worth. It is my life’s mission and purpose to play my part in liberating women from shame, self-doubt and suffering – and guide them to experiencing what I feel, and what my clients feel...

...deep down Body Confidence, True Self-Love & Total Freedom to have a Life Full of Pleasure and Possibility!

And that’s why I created a live, personal group mentoring program called, The Unshakeable Body Confidence: 6 Weeks to Deep Down Body Confidence, True Self-Love and Total Freedom. 

In this program, you will learn:
How to make lasting Peace with your Body... the kind of peace you’ve never known before. And – you’ll discover how to sustain this peace and finally end your struggle.
Body Image
How to Let Go of the Body Image Battle once and for all so you can become more Playful, more Productive, more Present. As a result, you’ll be a better mother, lover, friend and overall team-player.
Learn the Secrets to Feeling more Resourced, Rejuvenated, and Refreshed! When you feel great, you naturally feel more body confidence.
Feel sensually and sexually empowered to experience the immense Pleasure capacities of your female body that are available at any shape, size or stage of life (no joke).
To Reclaim Your Personal Energy... and Stop obsessing over how you look and what other people might be thinking of you.
To become more present to the beauty in your life as a whole, including your own unique and incredible beauty! (I see it in you – and will reflect it back so you can see it too!)
New Perspectives
A System to Completely transform how you think about your body to the point that you could never go back to being cruel or critical to yourself again.
Personalized Support

Different from many courses on the internet, the Pleasure Path is a live program. This mean that you will working with me directly. You’ll be receiving my personal mentorship and guidance every step of the way.

Why Follow This Approach
There’s so many amazing self-love practices out there and many are great. What makes me different are two elements. 
1) I specialize in Women who've tried everything. They are fully at their end of their rope and are looking for something that's going to make the long-lasting shift they desire. They no longer want to feel better for a few months or years, but they want to feel truly Sexy, Confident, and Comfortable for the rest of their life.
2) My approach is backed by science. The systems I use are designed to correct non-support body beliefs at the source. I work with language and practices that work to RE-PATTERN YOU FOR PLEASURE! This means, without trying, you’ll see yourself making choices, engaging in activities, and inviting in experiences that affirm your Value, enhance your Beauty, and expand your sincere Self-Love and Self-Honoring. I’m talking about building new neural pathways in your brain that literally program you for more pleasure and ease in body and your life.
How my System for Pleasure Re-Patterning Works:
6 Week Commitment
Research shows that for a sustainable shift in any non-supportive belief or habit to occur... a minimum of 21-days is needed. That’s why the Unshakeable Body Confidence Program takes place over the course of multiple weeks. I want to allow your newly developed body confidence, self-love and freedom to fully take root in your life.
8 Weekly Training & Mentoring Calls
Over the course of the 6 weeks, you’ll join me for weekly training and mentoring sessions. During these Sacred Sessions, I’ll guide you through 6 critical re-patterning practices. As you begin to try these out in your life, you’ll have direct access to me for questions and support.
Collective Transformation
The power of this program does not rely upon my guidance solely. My experience has taught me that something incredibly special happens when women bond together. The results are magnified 100-fold! The more we support one another as Sisters, the more astronomical our results. 

I know you are ready for a different kind of life experience... one that is highlighted by Self-Love, Self-Confidence, and Total Freedom. 

Please join me on Unshakeable Body Confidence: 6 Weeks to Deep Down Body Confidence, True Self-Love and Total Freedom

It would be my honor to guide you to levels of pleasure, power, and passion previously unexperienced! 

The online program starts on Tuesday, april or early may ?? @ 8 PM ET

After registering for Unshakeable Body Confidence you will receive a pre-course survey to find the best meeting time for the sessions.

I believe so fully in my methodology – I am willing to make it totally risk free for you. 

 Join me in Unshakeable Body Confidence. Participate in the program fully. Take the practices I offer into your life for a full year. If you don’t feel you gained value from your time with me, come back to me, and I’ll offer your investment back for up to a year after the program. 

You have nothing to lose... except the struggle.

Join me.


P.S. You are the guardian of your female animal body. Embrace this privilege and step wholeheartedly into your sacred role. When you do, you’ll receive so many rewards. I can only begin to describe them. You must feel this for yourself! I’d love to show you how. Join me for Unshakeable Body Confidence

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