The Pleasure Path
60 Days To Deep Down Body Confidence, True Self Love, and Total Freedom!

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When a woman steps fully into her pleasure, she is freed to be the power that she is this is a radical act of love. Jena la Flamme invites us into this freedom, this love, so that we can be fully here now. Follow her undulating steps to remember the divine, passionate, pleasurable woman you are.

Elayne Kalila Doughty
Jena la Flamme's ideas are truly revolutionary, and they work. She guides women into true, radical love of themselves, their bodies, and their lives. I know I am one of those women. I am so excited for every woman who gets on this path. Her life will joyfully never be the same.

KC Baker
"You are the guardian of your female animal body. Embrace this privilege and step wholeheartedly into your sacred role."  

- Jena la Flamme