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Free Sacred Sexuality and Body Confidence Discovery Session

If you feel disconnected from your sexual power and in disapproval of your body, your base is shaky.

When you are tuned in to your natural, holistic sexuality, and accepting and welcoming of your body, your base is solid.

Feeling safe, secure and self-expressed in your sexuality and body confidence provides fertile ground for all your other dreams to flourish.

When you’re nourished by your sexuality, and happy and at home in your body, you experience more energy, creativity and confidence.

My Sacred Sexuality & Body Confidence coaching program is designed for you if you want to:

Claim your body as a safe place in the world where you feel beautiful, sexy, and fully at home

Grow and evolve as a sexual and sensual being, and rock your female body to a whole new dimension

Replace numbness or heaviness in your body with delicious, electric, sensitivity to pleasure
Heal traumas, restore the dignity of your female body, and empower your erotic innocence
Experience deep, orgasmic satisfaction in bed, even if you’ve never had an orgasm before
My Sacred Sexuality & Body Confidence coaching program applies an integrative body-mind approach. You'll get healing and empowerment for your body, mind and feminine soul.

I'll show you how to use these 5 super-tools that work together to give real results:


Sexual empowerment comes naturally to your female body, when you can give her a chance to feel safe, have fun, and be her instinctive curious, self. Though it can seem like a huge mountain to climb to transform your sexuality and your body confidence, with the right tools, it can be done.

I offer my devoted, personal, loving support, combined with my tried and tested healing tools, to help you experience the sacred sexuality and unshakeable body confidence that you, like every woman on the planet, was designed by Nature to enjoy.
If you’re ready to reinvent your erotic life, and how you feel in and about your body, you are invited to explore coaching with me in a private, VIP container.

I’m accepting applications for a Free Sacred Sexuality and Body Confidence Discovery Session.

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Jena la Flamme
New York, New York
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