Friday, December 22, 2023 | 6:30 - 9:30 PM
Mill Valley, California

Super Early bird discounted tickets expire Wednesday, December 13, at midnight.

The longest night and shortest day of the year, the Winter Solstice, approaches. Getting colder and darker outside, means it’s a prime time to gather in a warm and cozy space, and tend to your Inner Glow.

In the darkness of the Solstice, we celebrate the return of the light. 

We’re honoring Mother Nature’s cycles of rebirth and renewal with joyful festivities–a combination of kirtan singing circle, and drinking delicious Fair Trade organic Cacao.

As we mark the end of a year in Nature’s calendar, and the next one starts anew, we’re celebrating our freedom to open up to the divine flow of Abundance.

When I say “abundance” I mean:

Financial abundance
Spiritual abundance
Emotional abundance
An abundance of friends and community

And of course, manifesting abundance, in whatever form YOU desire, be it health, wealth, love, joy or anything your imagination can dream up.

For this special one-time only event, I’ll be joining forces with my husband, David Trevors, and our special guest, Vrinda Normand, as we combine “cacao ceremony” with “singing our hearts out.”

Not coincidentally, Cacao is known as the “Heart Doctor.” It’s renowned for its heart-opening properties, on both physical and energetic levels. 

This means it's good for your physical heart, and also for your heart chakra!

I started working with Cacao 7 years ago, and instantly fell in love with this gentle plant medicine ceremony, for the “excuse” it creates to slow down, to be with ourselves and others, and to open up to music, meditation and spiritual contemplation.

I used to think I was a “choco-holic,” but now I realize I was being guided back to its source—Cacao—a tropical rainforest bean that’s equally delicious and healthy.

If you’ve ever turned to chocolate for inspiration or a creative pick me up, and there’s a reason why. When consumed in the right setting, Cacao heightens your emotional intelligence, and empowers your creativity. 

This unique plant spirit invites you to open your heart and mind, especially to feelings of love and self-love, something we can all do with more of!

Cacao’s effect is simultaneously deeply relaxing and energizing, and gives a boost of joy that lasts for days. 

Surrender to the subtle effects of a delicious hot cup of Cacao to:

✦ Attune with yourself and the clarity of your own inner guidance system
✦ Feel spacious, grounded, and heart-centered
✦ Be lit up, reenergized, and refreshed by the fragrance of the infinite
✦ Feel your naturally abundant, creative Self coming to life
✦ Notice the Love is circulating in the room.

This is what a cacao ceremony is all about!

As the gentle Cacao takes effect, in our beautiful, tranquil location that soothes the nervous system as it exhilarates your soul,  our kirtan singing circle, led by Vrinada will begin.

Since our tribal origins, singing together has been an important human ritual. 

Singing weaves a powerful web of connection between us. It brings a feeling of joy, balance, playfulness, and ecstatic transformation to the whole circle.

Our Kirtan chanting leader is Vrinda Normand, a dear friend and luminous soul, who’s been singing kirtan since she could talk, and leading kirtan since she was a teen (That’s an extraordinary fact!) ✨

Here’s what Vrinda says about Kirtan:

Kirtan is the sacred singing of prayers to the Hindu Gods and Goddesses. We do it in a group, call and response style, and together our voices invoke the divine blessings of each unique higher power.

When I sing to Krishna, the God of Love, my heart fills with ecstatic joy! I cannot help but lift my arms and dance. When I sing to Radha, the Goddess of Love, my heart melts with compassion and bliss. I find even deeper gratitude for my beautiful connection with her spirit.

When I sing to Laxmi, the Goddess of Prosperity, my soul fills with grace as I surrender to the endless river of abundance flowing to me. When there’s stress or constriction around manifesting money, I realize I’ve just blocked myself from this river. That’s usually the case when my ego thinks she’s in charge.

Channeling Laxmi’s potent vibrations through chanting her name removes these obstacles. My heart expands to receive the prosperity that ‘s always surrounding me like a golden light, no matter what mood I’m in, whether I’m aware of it or not.

Kirtan opens my consciousness to see and trust in the spiritual support system that embraces me.

When I sing to Ganesh, the God of Success and Remover of Obstacles, I feel inspired. When I sing to Durga, the Divine Mother and Goddess of Protection, I feel strength and courage. When I sing to Kali, the Goddess of Transformation, I feel released from old patterns that no longer serve me.

I feel lighter, happier and more confident in my authentic self. I know that my face glows because I see the faces in my kirtan community glowing as we make this life-changing music together.

I’ve been fortunate to hear kirtan since the day I was born, and I’ve been singing it for as long as I could talk. No matter what ups and downs are happening in my life, the experience of kirtan is always uplifting and healing. It’s so simple and so powerful.

You don’t need a “good voice” to sing kirtan. You don’t need to be Hindu or religious. I consider myself very open-minded spiritually with a progressive streak of Hindu faith. I have friends from all spiritual backgrounds who find nourishment and joy in kirtan. 

Imagine being enveloped in the rich, velvety embrace of ceremonial Cacao,
its warmth infusing every cell of your being.

Imagine surrendering to enchanting melodies led by Vrinda,
whose devotion and wisdom radiate through her music.

Imagine David Trevors on guitar, and me, Jena la Flamme,
on the Celtic harp, with all our voices, including yours, intermingled.

This invitation is for you.

is a shared experience for you to expand into your higher self. The magic of the kirtan and Cacao build upon each other so you’ll feel an undeniable opening to pleasure, healing, and Love.

Come join Vrinda, David, and me in our exquisite location in Mill Valley.
Address provided upon registration.

There are limited spots available and they will sell out.

Super Early Bird ticket - $55
Early Bird ticket- $65
Full price ticket - $75

We'd love to see you there and share this magical experience with you.

Much love,
Jena, Vrinda and David

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