Watch me almost lose my sh*t & still get the job done [CLOSING tonight]

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Often what keeps us stuck in patterns of limitation is the fear of being seen. I can humbly admit this is true for me.

“If I do nothing, and stay concealed, I’ll be safe,” goes the mentality I’m very familiar with.

I hear it from my clients and readers all the time.

We fear that if we put ourselves out in the open, and are seen with a flaw or god forbid, seen to fail, that we will suffer the consequences.

What I’ve discovered is that the only way to get around this fear, is to go through.

That’s why I publish my writing, offer live video webinars, etc. And in the process, my flaws and even failures do end up out in the open.

For example, the other day, I taught a live webinar. I did a tech run in advance with my creative partner, Beth, and all was fine and dandy, but in the moment, nothing worked. Finally, after we did the simple hack of rebooting our computers, it all started working again.

All of a sudden the video streaming was on, and there I was on camera. Many patient viewers from all around the world were still there, waiting for me to get going. 


Afterwards I received an email from a woman called Melissa who inspired me to write this email. She wrote to me: 

“Jena, if you were recording that techno-disaster, you could offer it up as a mini masterclass on “bringing your power to bear,” or on what it looks like to honor your animal. You looked like you needed to scream, throw something, cry, or do anything to release all that “WTF Computer!” energy. Then you paused and took a long moment to marshal your resources, face the “opportunity” as presented, overcome, and call forth your best self anyway. That moment you took to breathe, regain control, soften, focus, and start again was the most awesome thing I’ve seen a presenter do in AGES. Talk about walkin’ your walk! That was perfect, ma’am. If you have the recording of that, you’ve got “watch me almost lose my shit and still get the job done” proof for all the women out there who have found they can’t get their disrespected animal to step into those moments.”

So, there you have it. Perfection is not the name of the game, but learning to re-center and re-ground is. 

I mention this because if you’re almost losing your s**t when it comes to body image, weight gain or emotional eating, you have 6 hours left to take advantage of my Valentine’s Day special offer of a Fall-in-Love-with-Your-Female-Animal Body Confidence Strategy Session, for only $97.

This is a 60-minute private phone or Skype session focused on supporting you to 
— Feel divine in your female body
— Feel empowered and at peace with food
— Transform your shape so that you look and feel you best

This is the last moment to jump on board with this special offer, so you have my urging to GO FOR IT!

Big hugs,
Jena la Flamme

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