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Ecstatic Cacao Dance and Eye-Gazing Ritual Hosted by
Jena la Flamme


Ananya Harvey
How often do we really see each other?

It’s easy and habitual to only see what we present on the surface.

But we all want to be valued for our deep beauty and strength.

So how do we get to that level when, in the midst of the busy city life, it’s hard to settle down, and to see and in turn, be seen?

How do we turn down the volume of our thoughts, fears, and insecurities enough to be vulnerable and stand in the confidence that we are enough?

For most of us, it’s not as easy as simply willing it to happen.

Our bodies and hearts might be stiff and disconnected from the pressures of prioritizing our mind. From the pressure of having to figure everything out. From the pressure of having to get is all perfect to survive in this intense modern life in the Bay Area.

For this experience, you’re not expected to be any particular way.

Bring your busy mind. Bring your heart that has been hurt.

​​​​​​​We will reconnect with our hearts and our bodies in our own personal space through cacao, breathwork, and ecstatic dance.

It’s up to you the level depth you choose to go.

And then with our energetic body enlivened through these sweet, welcoming practices, we will sit in silent witness of each other.

We will feel into the masculine and feminine essence (you can choose which you wish to represent) in each of us.

This is a ritual, intentional space where you can show up exactly as you are and be seen. And practice seeing another in turn.

Beyond the stress, the masks, and what we feel we have to show, we come together as human animals in our embodied complexity.

Turning down the stories of the mind and simply feeling into the depth of what lies just beneath the masks.

You may come away surprised: seeing an aspect of yourself you were not aware of. Or feeling more ease in expressing your masculine or feminine qualities.

You may reveal that you’ve been shaming different aspects of yourself--sometimes our desire, sometimes our masculinity, sometimes our femininity—and realize that you can let that go.

In witnessing each other and feeling for the complementary dance we dance together, we become empowered in a whole range of abilities. We feel the suffering and joys as part of our shared human experience.

And it’s just damn fun and awesome to drink awesome delicious high vibe cacao, get high on breath-work, and dance, and to witness!
We will lead you through a progressive ritual of cacao, light breath-work with ecstatic dance, and what’s known as “transfiguration,” a Tantric eye-gazing practice. 

Be ready to leave feeling refreshed and radiant! 

This is a ONE-TIME ONLY, ultra-special gathering in this incredible private clock tower location.
Friday, April 5th
6:30 PM - 9:30 PM Pacific
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​$25 Registration 

Private residence in a Clock Tower in South Park area of San Francisco. 

**Address provided upon registration.
Copyright 2019 - Jena la Flamme - Ananya Harvey - All Rights Reserved - Photography by Monika Nataraj Mystical Dance Teacher Training & Iza Viola Photography