The Hindu Goddess that helped me leave my marriage

It’s been two months since I got divorced and I’m settling into my new identity as a single woman. Let me be frank. Even though there were boundless cosmic signs that the marriage was not meant to be, it hasn’t been easy to let go.

That said, a final straw that gave me courage to move on, was learning the story of the Hindu Goddess, Radha. I’d known of her and her consort, Lord Krishna, but not with any depth. I only knew that they were cosmic lovers, and that Krishna was the playboy of the Hindu gods, having made love to thousands of milkmaids, of which Radha was one—his favorite.

Recently a wise friend told me I must read their story to understand my own situation. I learned that all along, Krishna was married to someone else. He had a wife and children in another city, and Radha was his lover. They were crazy about each other, and even though the other milkmaids were also in love with Krishna, and he made love with them from time to time too, they all respected that he and Radha had a special bond, and were meant for each other.

Radha’s signature posture—I have a picture of her on my wall—was waiting and yearning for Krishna to appear. At night she would wait to hear his flute, and then would sneak away to the woods, to dance and make love in their “forest chamber.” Among the Hindu pantheon, they are famous for their Divine Love Play.

However, this divine love reverie eventually came to an end. Krishna was called to return to his family, and he left Radha behind never to return. She was distraught, but stayed madly in love with him. She roamed the land saying his name over and over, and was so filled up by her love for him, that she would see him everywhere. People thought she was mad, but she was content in her devotional love, and spent the rest of her life in this way. Her transcendent moment was to see everything as Krishna. Her redemption was to see everything as the Beloved. 

Upon reading that story, my resemblance with Radha was striking. I was in love with someone who had left me behind for the responsibilities of his family. The story made me realize that this would never change, and that my ultimate destination in this relationship was to be alone.

That’s not what I want. There’s another Hindu Goddess called Parvati who is the goddess of Divine Union. She’s the wife and the center of the family. True, her husband Lord Shiva is extremely out of the box with his meditation practices, and keeps her on her toes, but they are ultimately together. That’s what I want.

With these role models, I was able to see the truth of my position in life, and to draw a line in the sand. 

I choose to no longer be in the role of Radha. There’s another role I desire, and I’m moving forward in my life to allow it to emerge.

I offer this as an example of how the stories of the Hindu goddesses can be helpful in a very practical way in daily life. To claim that you are a divine being, on your own cosmic, sacred journey through life is the foundation of a life of Sacred Sexual Empowerment and Body Confidence.

You are not a sinner. You are not broken. You are not inadequate. 

You are a woman, and all women are a facet of the Divine Feminine.

You are a Goddess. You are a Siren. You are a free adult woman defining her path and her worth.

What story will be told of you at the end of the day? You are writing it now, so remember your power!

And if you’re not already part of my free Sensual Siren Activation Facebook group, then come on over and share your story with me directly. What’s the next twist in the plot you wish to call in?


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