Leading sacred sexual empowerment mentor & transformational teacher, Jena la Flamme presents…
A Free Masterclass Encore by Jena la Flamme
Learn why prioritizing pleasure is the simplest gateway to regulating your nervous system & attracting everything you want…
For women who are ready to reclaim pleasure in their lives, and give themselves a healthy dose of the love they give to others.

When you feel pleasure, you relax, and a whole world of possibilities opens up to you.
Biologically, your body is intended to be in relaxation most of the time.
Stress is designed to be for “emergency use” only!

If you’re frequently stressed – without the release of pleasurable states like orgasm – it takes a toll on your body, mind and soul.
The only cure is returning to pleasure.

If you’re ready to switch gears into pleasure mode, join me for this free online masterclass to:

💎 Learn why pleasure is the key to all of your desires
💎 Overcome the conditioning that blocks your bliss, and keeps you working harder
💎 Grant yourself more permission to prioritize a pleasure-filled life 


12 PM PT  •  3 PM ET  •  8 PM UK  •  7 AM Australia (Fri)

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However, you won’t make space for things that are not a priority for you, and pleasure won’t be a priority, unless you understand all the ways it can help you. So let’s dive into this juicy topic together.

You can’t get what you want from a stressed out state and pleasure is your key to relaxation.

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Jena la Flamme

I’m a leading Sacred Sexual Empowerment mentor and transformational teacher.

My teachings show that pleasure is not a contradiction to a healthy, fulfilled life, but an absolutely necessary, essential ingredient. My mission is to spread the knowledge that our bodies are sacred and so is our pleasure, sensuality and sexuality. I’ve seen over and over that when we embrace these dimensions of ourselves with trust, self-love and dedication, that our lives flourish.

Through my private coaching and group programs, I help women like you reconnect with your body as a wise, intelligent, intuitive, pleasure-loving animal.

But it wasn’t always this way… I used to despise my body and was highly suspicious of pleasure in general. Things changed when I discovered that my issue wasn’t that I was having “too much” pleasure, it was that I wasn’t having enough!

I learned to trust the wisdom of my body and to trust pleasure, including my sensual and sexual appetites. I came to peace with food, and my body confidence soared. Now I fully enjoy my sensuality and sexuality, without shame or guilt!

Since embracing pleasure as a discipline and guiding principle in my life, I’ve devoted myself to showing women around the world how to be in tune with the innate, pleasure-loving, sensual wisdom and sexual genius of their bodies. I’m here for you too.

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