Module 5
"Becoming a Free Woman"
Welcome to Module 5. Here is the full video replay of your fifth session. We recommend you watch the video because it includes our beautiful, visual slides, but if you prefer to only listen to the sessions, you can download the audio MP3 files below.
Materials for Module 5

Here you will find your MP3 files, the slideshow from module 5 and your home practice.

The module MP3s are broken down into 3 easy to follow sections; "Training", "Q&A" and "Meditation". The "Full Session" is also an downloadable option below. Find your desired file, click the "DOWNLOAD NOW" button and the file will automatically be saved to your computer. Use any MP3 player application to listen.
Training MP3
Meditation MP3
Full Session MP3
Home Practice
All-in-one Module 5
Download all the contents above in one compressed file. (no video)
Home Practice