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Phoenix Awaken Cacao Ceremony – May 4

Imagine that giving birth to an awesome experience is something that can happen, not just once in a while, but EVERY time you’re ready to STEP OUT and RISE UP from one situation into another.

Imagine that giving birth in a moment of deep surrender can stimulate powerful contractions—signals that the moment has come for you to be born again.

This is the path of rebirth. This is the journey of rising above and beyond your “normal” state, into your natural power.

Come experience the awakening of the Phoenix, the alchemical fire of transformation, and the resilience you power to go through this birth process, in our Cacao ceremony on Thursday, May 4.

Join Sacha and I for our Phoenix Awakening ritual, supporting you to step into your manifestation powers, with our tribe.

Let’s gather and drink delicious cup of hot, fair trade, organic, Cacao together, and go deep in this beautiful event.

In this ceremony you’ll experience guided meditation, sound healing, and dancing.

You will shake your wings and flap free!

Prepare for the ceremony by setting a personal intention. This will deepen your experience and support a more fruitful integration.

After the ceremony we will offer food and share our experiences.

Where: At the Cacao Temple in Harlem. Address will be provided upon registration.

When: Thursday, May 4th, 7 PM – 10 PM.

Exchange: Investment is $40 paid in advance or $45 cash at the door if space allows.

Reserve your spot here.

We’d love to see you there.

Jena la Flamme

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