Jena la Flamme | Men's Sacred Sexual Empowerment Private Coaching Application

Welcome Divine Man,
If you’d like help mapping the pathway to sexual liberation and having the greatest pleasure of your life, I’m here to help.
I’d love to know more about your journey, your vision, and your desires.
Through this process you can:
Unwind sexual conditioning and reclaim your sexuality and body
◆ Feel integrated in your masculinity as a modern man—sexually, and as a leader in your power
◆ Be an ever better lover, who is deeply satisfying for yourself  & your partner
◆ Heal sexual health issues and sexual challenges
◆ Feel safe, confident and in mastery of your sexuality
◆ Feel empowered to follow your primal sexual impulses & be wild in the bedroom
◆ Feel sexually attractive and magnetic to women you’re interested in
◆ Experience love and sex being more deeply connected
◆ Have a successful, long term, sexual relationship or marriage
◆ Have clarity on what you want to attract into your life in the big picture
In my Sacred Sexual Empowerment Coaching containers I offer a safe space for you to feel, go inwards, and connect so deeply with yourself that your own desires are revealed. I’m in service of you getting what you want in love, sex and relationships in a way that is truly empowering for you, through holistic sex tools and techniques, ancient wisdom, healing, and transformational coaching.
In this complimentary session we'll dive deeply into your present concerns, goals and desires, and what you want and need from this life-changing work. I'll be available to answer any questions you have about moving forward together. At the end of the call, if it feels like the right fit, I’ll invite you to participate in my private coaching container.

Of course, your private information is STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL.

Let’s get started by selecting a time that works for you.

Scroll down and use this easy online scheduler to choose your time, and book your Sacred Sexual Empowerment Discovery Session with me. I'll be in touch within 48 hours to let you know the outcome of your application.
I only have limited spaces available for calls. The men I select to talk to are the ones I believe I can help reach their goals, and the more information you provide in the application, the better.

Thank you so much. I can’t wait to get to know you.

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