I want a baby… and to give birth to a sexier world

I’ve been feeling my body and soul screaming for a baby lately.

I was recently holding the 2-month baby of a friend, and oh my goddess, I’d never felt a baby feel that good in all my life. It took my breath away. Another friend also has a baby of exactly that age, and seeing the pictures I feel such a deep stirring. A third friend has a 4-month old and told me the breast-feeding is so blissful, and that I’m going to LOVE it!

In these moments I feel my desire for a baby. Yet, I chose to have an abortion in October, otherwise I’d be holding a baby too. Deep sigh. Ahhh…the path I didn’t take. The complexity of life and desire!

Truthfully, it’s been gut-wrenching, but at the end of the day, I stand by my choice, which was that, in those circumstances, I did not feel ready or safe to bring in a soul. My inner no at the time was so strong, that I could only listen, and decline the call to motherhood at that time.

Since then, I find myself single. Yet it’s not the end of the story.
When I look to the future, I do see myself as a mother. Only time will tell!

For now, I’m birthing myself, and playing my role in birthing a better world, where women feel safe to exude and enjoy their feminine glory.

This is my service to you and the planet. I am a servant of the Divine Feminine.

Too many women don’t have what I have come to take for granted—body confidence and sexual empowerment.

Truthfully, I don’t take it for granted. I know that a woman loving her body and rocking her sexuality is absolutely PRECIOUS and SACRED, and so VALUABLE. 

What I really mean when I say take it for granted, is a reference to the ease and comfort I now have with these areas of my life.  Self-love and self-respect for my body and my sexuality is now so strongly rooted into who I am, that I know will never be lost. 

No one can take them away from me.
I am sovereign and I will not abandon my body or my erotically innocent nature.

You can develop this resilience too.
You can develop what seems like a superpower, but is meant to be our baseline status quo—body confidence and sexual ecstasy.


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