The Art of Unshakeable Body Confidence
Thursday, April 28th 2016
Learn The Art of Unshakeable Body Confidence, No Matter How Self-Conscious or Insecure You’ve Ever Felt about Your Body Up Until Now .

For a decade of my life I was riddled with insecurities about my body.

I was self-conscious about my shape and my relationship with food, and wasted countless hours worried how others might be judging me.

I could never accomplish the standards of perfection I invented for myself and I made myself suffer for not measuring up.

I felt like I was never good enough and everything in my life was soured by the intensity of the negativity I felt towards myself and my body.

However, after years of floundering in the waters of low self-esteem, I became increasingly determined to find my way back to the shores of healthy body confidence that I had known as a child.

So I went on a quest, a quest that led me to making the discoveries that allowed me to disentangle myself from my binding insecurities. I found myself finally free to enjoy living my life to the fullest in my happy, healthy female body, my true home.

I’ve discovered the secrets for unshakeable body self-confidence and I’m here to share them with you and inspire you to believe that you can have this experience for yourself too. 
In this LIVE Masterclass you will:

-- Discover and claim a sense of deep down confidence in your female animal body, even if you’ve felt at war with your body up until now
-- Learn how to overcome self-doubt, self-criticism and even self-loathing and learn how to have confidence in and take ownership of the gifts and talents you do possess
-- Stop feeling embarrassed about your body and learn to feel pride in who you are and the path you are walking in this lifetime
-- Enjoy the fruits of feeling good about yourself and your body, a life of fun, delight and satisfaction

I used to think that body confidence was something that was available to other women had, but not me. Thankfully, that is not the case, not for me and not for you. You too, can take the steps that are going to help you hold your head up and walk with self-assurance and self-esteem.

I hope you join me so that we can do it together.

"The Art of Unshakeable Body Confidence"
 Thursday, April 28th 2016
 5 PM PST | 8 PM EST
Hi, I'm Jena la Flamme

I’ve devoted the last 15 years of my life to helping woman all over the world be free of the self-loathing I used to experience every day. I’m the author of the highly acclaimed book “Pleasurable Weight Loss: The Secrets to Feeling Great, Losing Weight & Loving Your Life Today.” My work has been featured in Elle, Glamour and Prevention Magazines. And most inspiring of all, I receive daily emails and Facebook messages from women thanking me for liberating them from shame and suffering and uniting them with the irrepressible power of their female body and of pleasure.