Stop suffering through restrictive diets and punishing exercise to lose weight…
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Finally, Weight Loss Can Be Pleasurable – Without Counting Calories, Punishing Exercise, Rules or Restrictions
Discover the real reason why everything you’ve tried to lose weight did not work, and how you can finally slim down without restrictive diets or punishing exercise.
Welcome woman, are you depriving yourself of pleasure?

Pleasure is the missing piece of the puzzle that every woman struggling with food and her weight needs to get her hands on.

Yet, far too many women have not been giving themselves permission to have enough pleasure in their lives, and this is why they have struggled with weight loss.    
I want to help you change that—so you can finally lose weight naturally and sustainably
—by guiding you to discover:

The power of pleasure to make you feel beautiful and delicious in your skin – no matter your size  releasing you from the baggage of bad body image and causing you to possess an energy that is empowering, sexy, feminine, sensual, alive, and wildly attractive.

The power of pleasure to relax your body and revitalize your metabolism so that you can become a naturally slender, woman without depriving yourself or counting a single calorie.

The power of pleasure to transform and heal your relationship with food, so you will no longer struggle with resisting food cravings, and finally break free from emotional or compulsive eating, cycles of binging and food deprivation, and yo-yo dieting.

Come, take my hand and walk with me on this journey to your pleasure…
Why pleasure is not the enemy of weight loss, but rather a vital nutrient necessary for lasting weight loss.
Many women, when they hear me say that pleasure is vital for weight loss, are skeptical that it can work.

It’s not surprising that they feel this way. For decades, women have been made to believe the myth that weight loss must be accompanied by annoying calorie counting, punishing exercise, harsh food restrictions, unrealistically small portions, unmet cravings, and uncomfortable hunger.

NONE of these methods are pleasurable… so how can indulging in pleasure be the secret to weight loss?

Well, keep reading, because you’re about to find out why and how pleasure is a vital ingredient for women to lose weight naturally and sustainably.

“Jena is the Leading Edge of a New Era in Weight Loss for Women”

“Jena la Flamme is at the leading edge of a new era in weight loss for women. She takes a powerful stand for us to enjoy food, enjoy our bodies to become healthy and vibrantly alive in the process. If you want to enjoy the skin you’re in and get the body you’ve always wanted, look no further. Jena will guide you every pleasurable step of the way.”


Sounds crazy… but it works: The Science of Pleasurable Weight Loss revealed
The truth is, those punishing diets you’ve been made to believe would help you permanently lose weight are masculine approaches that will never work for women for one important reason: STRESS.

When you are under the stress of being restricted by a dull, pleasure-less diet or punished by a strenuous workout, your body releases cortisol.

Cortisol is the stress hormone that signals that you are in a scarcity and survival mode, causing you to gain weight rather than lose it.

Yes… stressful diets and punishing exercise actually prevent you from losing weight, and can even cause you to gain more, no matter how much you push yourself.

Fortunately, the reverse is also true: a relaxed state that comes from pleasure inhibits cortisol and creates the metabolic conditions that stimulate weight loss instead.

By enjoying more – not less – you’ll turn up your metabolism and fat burning powers full blast, and slimming down will happen naturally and permanently.   

"I've lost 20 pounds and kept it off without counting a single calorie"

"When I came to Jena I'd tried fad diet after fad diet, and felt lost and miserable. Jena showed me that lasting weight loss is the result of enjoying myself, not depriving myself."


“I’ve Gone from a Size 10 to a Size 4”

“The mother of 5 kids and the break-winner in my family, I’d never made pleasure or my feminine side a priority. Jena showed me that the pleasurable approach to weight loss really does work, and without dieting, I’ve completely transformed my body”


Put your trust in pleasure to lose weight permanently
While we are dispelling myths about weight loss, let’s dispel some about pleasure.

There is a myth that pleasure is a lazy and passive approach to life, and that pleasure is childish or frivolous. Nothing is further from the truth!

Pleasure is not the dangerous force we’ve been conditioned to think it is. When you strip away what you’ve been brainwashed to believe, pleasure is actually a trustworthy, intelligent guiding force in a healthy, well-lived life.

Pleasure is undeniably a vital daily ingredient in complete wellness of mind, body and soul. And it is absolutely necessary for successful weight loss that is natural and sustainable.

Instead of controlling, restricting, and pushing yourself, when you awaken your senses to pleasure you will automatically reinvent your relationship with food, and therefore with weight loss.
This is why your experience of Pleasurable Weight Loss will…

NOT be a diet

NOT have yet another food plan to follow

NOT make you count calories

NOT make you subscribe to any form of food rules

NOT force you to control your portions

NOT restrict you from sugar, carbs, or anything else…

NOT push you through punishing exercise programs!

Instead, you’ll discover:
How to lose weight naturally without restricting, eliminating foods, calorie counting or sticking to food rules that leave you feeling deprived or controlled.
 How to let go of guilt about pleasure and why pleasure is a trustworthy and intelligent guiding force you need to welcome into your life to look and feel your best.
How to overcome cravings—and even make cravings your allies – by embracing the animal nature and feminine instincts of your body.
How to feel safe being sexy—untangle the social and psychological issues of body image so you can feel good while looking your best (before you even shed a pound.)

How to achieve permanent weight loss without the mental and emotional struggle of forced discipline or willpower, by learning how to possess a mindset and design a lifestyle that support lasting weight loss.

How to transform your shape sustainably with pleasurable movement instead of pushing yourself through boring, punishing exercise at the gym.

How to enjoy pleasurable eating—learn how to eat with pleasure, bite by bite, enjoying anything your heart desires until you’re completely satisfied.

“The entire solution to permanent weight loss is pleasure”

“How can weight loss be pleasurable? You’ve got to be kidding, right? No—not kidding. In fact, the entire solution to sustainable body confidence and permanent weight loss is pleasure. And this book outlines the path. Delightfully.”


Join me for 6 Weeks of Pleasurable Weight Loss...
INCLUDES: eCourse includes 6 Weekly pre-recorded video chapters, 6 Playsheets for Pleasurable Transformation, Pleasurable Eating Practice videos, and surprise pleasure bonuses!
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6 Weeks of Pleasurable Weight Loss Program

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Today, I want to guide and teach you how to live a life full of pleasure and satisfaction that supports weight loss, so that you too can end your struggle with weight and food.
Meet your wild, wise Female Animal: the heart of pleasurable weight loss
Pleasurable weight loss does not rely on food rules, calorie counting, or other restrictive rules because it harnesses the wisdom of something far more superior than any man-made rules…

Pleasurable weight loss harnesses the wisdom of your body, or what I like to call, your Female Animal.

The truth is that your body is not an object, but a living, breathing, feeling, decision-making animal. Your body is a female creature; your Female Animal. A “she,” not an “it.” She is absolutely irreplaceable and indispensable.

She is alive. She – and only she – can guide you into losing weight naturally, sustainably, and pleasurably.

That’s why your body – your wild, wise Female Animal – is the heart of what makes pleasurable weight loss work.

Her innate wisdom is your guiding north star.

Like all animals in nature, she already knows how to eat and move to be in balance, and she knows every pleasure she requires to fill her soul.

Just by learning how to listen to your Female Animal’s voice and fulfilling her biological requirement for pleasure…

You will effortlessly begin transforming your body – and your life. 
When you connect to your wild, wise Female Animal and fulfill her natural, hard-wired yearning for pleasure in many forms, excess weight will naturally melt away.
I know this first hand, because I too once struggled with my weight.

I went through a decade-long battle with food compulsions, binging episodes, and weight struggles. My unhealthy eating patterns and food choices also caused havoc with my digestion and my metabolism.

The result was twenty pounds of weight gain, constipation, poor skin, lethargy, mood swings, and a sense of sluggishness throughout my entire system. Worse, my body image and self-esteem spiraled down.

The more I tried to lose weight by going on diets and controlling my eating, the more I spiraled into out-of-control eating.

Caught in the grips of compulsive eating and a bad body image, I was left emotionally overwhelmed with guilt, shame, and self-loathing.

Then, a defining moment happened.

I connected with my Female Animal and discovered that pleasure is the key to losing weight.
The first time I connected with my Female Animal, she gave me a sharp wake-up call. “I know more than you’ve been giving me credit for,” she said. “I have the answers to your struggles with food and weight. Listen to me and respect me.”

Since then – each day, each meal – has turned from a struggle of disapproval, restriction, and guilt to an interesting dialogue of desire and enjoyment.

It was the greatest gift to finally reconnect with my body in a way I had never even dreamed possible. I enjoyed the fun of collaborating with my body – without having to follow someone else’s rules, regulations, or food plan.

By embracing a whole new way of relating to my Female Animal and to pleasure, weight loss finally became pleasurable, and my excess pounds melted away as natural side-effect.

Since I gained this insight, I’ve worked hard to discover and refine what makes weight loss pleasurable for women. The result is a specific path of powerful weight loss strategies that center around a woman’s instinct for pleasure.

After teaching thousands of other women how to use the same pleasurable weight loss strategies that helped me successfully lose weight (and keep it off for good), I penned the best tools and techniques of pleasurable weight loss in my debut book, ‘Pleasurable Weight Loss: The Secrets to Feeling Great, Losing Weight, and Loving Your Life Today’.

“Lost 7 More Pounds – Finally Down To A Size 12”

I finally reopened my wardrobe boxes of clothes I thought I’d never fit back into. I can’t wear my size 16 jeans anymore — just bought a size 12! I’ve lost 23 pounds since May! I had reached a plateau before attending Pleasure Camp, but Jena’s coaching, insight, and teaching kick-started my losing streak! I’m finally down to the 150’s, and looking forward to losing more! I thought it was impossible, but Jena gave me hope … and a new attitude! I’m now a flaming red-head with a short cut, and I’m loving it! Thanks, Jena, for getting me started on an exciting, new path! I’m thrilled with this new life!


“I lost 37 pounds and kept it off”

“I used to use food as a drug. It made me feel good, and covered up pain, loss, insecurity, stress, and a myriad of other issues. I was 212 pounds. It was costing me my entire life, to the point where I could barely even function.

Through my work with Jena I have lost 37 pounds and kept it off. My cholesterol has gone down from 208 to 128. I now eat to live, not live to eat. Food is no longer a full-time job for me.”


Imagine bringing a brand new approach to your weight loss journey that is pleasurable.
Instead of feeling like a forced diet, eating feels instinctively natural and joyful. Imagine actually looking forward to every meal because you are empowered with the most important secrets to a balanced relationship with food and your body that allow you to shed excess weight and keep it off for good.

All this is possible, and I am excited to not just serve you a pleasurable new way to live and relate to food and your body, but to also step up as your Pleasurable Weight Loss Guide.

Today, for the first time, you can access the lessons from my book, ‘Pleasurable Weight Loss: The Secrets to Feeling Great, Losing Weight, and Loving Your Life Today’ as a guided experiential journey like never before, giving you accelerated transformative results with sisterhood support.
I am honored to introduce you to… 

This 6-week online course contains tools and techniques that I’ve gathered from years of study of Tantra, sensuality and sexuality, body awareness, and more. This is an experiential video and audio program designed to make learning fun and inviting.


6 Weeks of Pleasurable Weight Loss INCLUDES:
6 Weekly pre-recorded video chapters
6 Playsheets for Pleasurable Transformation
and 6 Pleasurable Eating Practice videos

Join now in January, 2024 and receive 3 bonuses

Bonus #1
6 x LIVE weekly 90 minute LIVE LASER group coaching calls with Jena

Bonus #2
30 minute private coaching session with Jena

Bonus #3
Membership in Pleasurable Weight Loss Sisterhood Facebook group with Jena's support on weekdays

In this immersive course, you will:

• ACCESS your pleasure as a source of transformation for your entire life

• LIBERATE yourself from shame & guilt about pleasure so that you feel free to receive more of it

• DEVELOP a new, peaceful relationship with food (even if there’s long way to go and getting there feels impossible)

• BE RID OF numbness, body shame, and pleasure deprivation forever so that you can enjoy feeling good in your body

• EMPOWER yourself to overcome past dynamics with your body image, and with food, so that you can relax more and feel confident as you move forward with the life you choose

• TRANSFORM your female body in a feminine, pleasurable, and sustainable way

Chapter 1: The Heart of Pleasure
Reconnecting with your wild, wise Female Animal
Lesson 1: Meet Your Female Animal
Lesson 2: The Feminine Principle
Lesson 3: Experience Your Pleasure Threshold

Chapter 2: The Art of Pleasure
Liberation from fighting cravings, stress eating & emotional eating
Lesson 1: Understand the Power of Pleasure
Lesson 2: Practice True Pleasure
Lesson 3: How to Release Stress and Invite Pleasure

Chapter 3: The Vision of Pleasure
Breaking self-sabotage patterns and feeling delicious in your skin
Lesson 1: Overcome the Illusion of Perfection
Lesson 2: Love Your Female Animal
Lesson 3: Open Up to Ever Available Pleasure

Chapter 4: The Field of Pleasure
Design your lifestyle & program your mindset for weight loss without dieting
Lesson 1: The Pleasure Potion
Lesson 2: The Hidden Wisdom Behind Your Weight
Lesson 3: How to Feel Safe & Loved

Chapter 5: The Sensuality of Pleasure
Honoring your sexual nature to lose weight sustainably
Lesson 1: Embrace Your Sexual Nature
Lesson 2: Navigate the 4 Saboteurs of Sexy
Lesson 3: The Beauty and Power of Saying No

Chapter 6: The Flow of Pleasure
Authentically nourishing your Female Animal for natural, sustainable weight Loss
Lesson 1: How to Eat with Pleasure
Lesson 2: For the Love of Food
Lesson 3: All the Right Moves

Choose your payment option by clicking "REGISTER NOW"...
6 Weeks of Pleasurable Weight Loss Program

Pay in Full: $497 (save $94)

or Payment Plan: 3 x $197

1. It takes Pleasurable Weight Loss to a whole new level of embodiment for accelerated results
My book, ‘Pleasurable Weight Loss: The Secrets to Feeling Great, Losing Weight, and Loving Your Life Today’ takes you through the science and principles of pleasurable weight loss and how to live life from your pleasure zone.

This course gives you extra guidance and additional support in a multimedia format to help you truly live the principles of pleasure in your daily life for natural and sustainable weight loss.

It is my desire to accelerate your pleasurable weight loss journey by guiding you through the most effective tools and practices that worked for me, in a safe space with loving guidance and support.

‘6 Weeks of Pleasurable Weight Loss’ is your premium step-by-step journey into pleasure in the safe space of your own home, accelerating your pleasurable weight loss transformation so you can start living from your pleasure zone in just six weeks.
2. It’s going to be the most pleasurable course you’ve ever done!
This isn’t your typical classroom or theory-based e-course. ‘6 Weeks to Pleasurable Weight Loss’ is designed with fun in mind.

The content will be available through video, audio and reading material, so whether you learn better by watching, listening or reading, you’ll have a pleasurable learning experience.

Here’s a glimpse of your pleasurable weight loss experience with me:

•  Each week has personal tele conference lessons from me, where we will dive deeply into the key principles of pleasurable weight loss and bring them to life.

•  Your weekly Pleasurable Playsheet bonuses are packed with activities and tools available designed to help you practice each pleasure principle in your daily life.

•  Bonus: Dance and song breaks, two of the most primal and freely available pleasures of all.

•  Plus, surprise bonuses along the way, designed to inspire and motivate you on this important transformation.
3. There are no rules to follow – YOU call the shots
There’s no calorie counting, food rules, food points, portion control, food plan, punishing exercise, or other masculine methods of weight loss that feel restrictive or punishing.

Simply put, YOUR hands control the pleasure dial of your life. There are no rules. And this goes for weight loss too.

As you develop a kinder, more loving relationship with your Female Animal, you learn how to listen to her and fulfill her needs for healthy sources of pleasure. Your only task is to follow her true pleasure. When pleasure is fully embraced as a part of life, you’ll find that you can enjoy food without reservation, without restriction, and without having to worry about your weight.

Naturally and sustainably, you’ll break free from the bondage of emotional eating, weight struggles, and a bad body image – without ever being on a diet! 
4. You’ll reinvent your relationship to sisterhood
Sisterhood is the secret sauce to sustainable weight loss. In your pleasurable weight loss journey, you’ll reinvent your relationship to sisterhood.

This includes breaking free from the clutches of comparison despair and envy, removing the stress of envy, and equipping yourself with powerful tools for feeling more connected with other women who can reflect your beauty back to you because they are connected to their own beauty.

You’ll discover how to build and belong to a tribe of women in your life who constantly lift one another up and keep you on the path of pleasure. This deeper sense of sisterhood is a pleasure incomparable to any other that will leave you feeling your best as a woman.
5. It’s an adventure with pleasure that will make you come alive!
Every week on this 6-week journey together will be a new adventure with pleasure that you’ll look forward to every single day of the program.

From visual wonders to gustatory adventures, there’s always a new dimension of pleasure to discover. Feelings and intensities that you never knew could exist inside you will surface, leaving you empowered, sexy, feminine, sensual, alive, and wildly attractive.

You’ll finally throw away the scale, ditch the diet food, and get to know the beautiful and radiant woman you were born to be. 
6. You won’t just lose weight – pleasure will transform your way of living entirely
When you connect to pleasure in a way that is authentic and aligned with your body, your Female Animal, you’ll discover that living in your pleasure will enhance all areas of your life extending far beyond weight loss.

As you experience shifts in how you look and feel, you will notice positive shifts in other areas of your life, from your relationships to your personal life, professional pursuits, and more.

You also become part of something bigger than yourself. You become a catalyst who is changing the world, simply by becoming an inspiration for living a pleasure-filled existence.
When will invest in yourself for true, lasting pleasure?
As women, it's important that we invest in our pleasure from time to time. The authentic way to live a life of true pleasures isn't about spending thousands on vacations and clothes.

What's it's really about is being able to:

✔️ Take delight in food that you eat, without the slightest morsel of guilt or shame
✔️  Choose foods that nourish your body, without eating being a source of stress
✔️  Linger in bed, alone or in your partner's embrace, without worrying about how you look or what will happen next, fully savoring the present moment

Whatever you choose to invest for your pleasure, I'm cheering you on. As I said earlier, pleasure is a vital ingredient for your wellness, in mind, body and soul.

That is why today, I encourage you to invest in yourself with the gift of lasting pleasure.

What does it mean to have true, lasting pleasure?

When you have the awareness, tools and knowledge to live from what I call "true pleasure," you will naturally and instinctively avoid what I call "counterfeit pleasure."

Counterfeit pleasure is the type of pleasure that is short-term, compulsive, and does not bring long-term enjoyment. An example of indulging in counterfeit pleasure is polishing off an entire tub of ice cream in one sitting, and then suffering with a sugar hangover and a stew of private shame.

When you don't have the awareness, tools and knowledge to live the principles of true pleasure, you risk getting caught in an endless loop of seeking a string of counterfeit pleasures, forever trying to numb the pain you can't seem to put your finger on, and in turn... digging into the next cookie jar to fill the void.
What I’m inviting you to experience with ‘6 Weeks of Pleasurable Weight Loss’ is the ability to create a lifetime of lasting TRUE pleasures.
I am showing you how to listen to and fulfill the true pleasures your body really wants, so you'll never reach into that cookie jar (or binge on anything else) out of emptiness, again.

I’m currently offering the entire experience of ‘6 Weeks of Pleasurable Weight Loss’ at a 50% off the full price of $997, bringing the investment down to $497.

I set it at such an affordable price to make it accessible to women who want and need support practicing the principles of pleasure in their daily lives.

As much as I’d like to, it’s impossible for me to coach every one of you individually. To do this program with me privately is a $10,000 investment. I don’t want you missing out if you can’t commit to that.
All of this, my life’s works, research and learnings on Pleasurable Weight Loss, is yours for just $997 $497.

You can choose to send your money on detox programs or a new diet.
You can choose to spend your money on a vacation that you hope will bring the spark back to your life.
You can go to talk therapy.

Or you can invest in learning the tools that will help you have a truly pleasurable life for the rest of your life, so that all the investments you make going forward are a contribution to your pleasurable life and not just quick fixes or bandaids.

I battled with my body for over a decade before I discovered the power of pleasure, and then it took me several years more to integrate its wisdom into my life... but it doesn't have to take you that long. You can see real results in the span of this 6-week program.

Pleasurable weight loss is not just for some women. Any woman can have it. It's based on science that applies to all bodies. Consider this my heart-felt invitation to you to be part of a sisterhood of women who are willing to liberate themselves from the diet-mentality, and claim their birthright for pleasure with their bodies, with food and with life itself. This is an exciting group of women to be part of!

Today, I am giving you the best of everything I've discovered on my journey. I sincerely desire to see you blossom into a future Pleasure Activist who will go on to become a catalyst of change in the world, paving the way, and inspiring women in your circle of influence to also live a pleasure-filled existence.
There is no pressure on you with my Risk-free Money Back Guarantee
I don’t want to pressure you – I want to make sure that you choose to embark on this beautiful, life-changing adventure with me on your own terms. I believe so fully in my methodology -- I am willing to make it totally risk free for you.

That’s why I’m offering a risk-free money back guarantee. Join me for 6 Weeks of Pleasurable Weight Loss. Participate in the program fully. Take the practices I offer into your life for a full year.

If you don't feel you gained value from your time with me, come back to me, and I'll offer your investment back for up to a year after the program.

I will gladly return every dollar you paid, with gratitude and love.
You can continue to battle your body. Or you can choose pleasure.
If you’ve read up to this point, you shouldn’t have to think about your next step.

I know you can sense it deep down inside, that small voice inside you – her voice, your Female Animal’s voice – wanting to come out; waiting to become present in your life and lead you into a life of pleasure and pleasurable weight loss.

Even if you’ve struggled with food and your weight all your life, you’ll be amazed at how being kind and loving to your body, as if she were a cherished creature under your care, and making choices based on a pleasure-positive attitude, can be the spark that ignites lasting transformation.

So please don’t deny her – or yourself – of true pleasure. (Why would you want to go back to counting calories and punishing diets again, anyway?)

Walk this path with me, and discover the natural way to lose weight, feel delicious in your body and transform your relationship with food… pleasurably.
Transform Your Relationship with Food & Transform Your Body with “6 Weeks of Pleasurable Weight Loss” By Clicking ‘Register Now’ Below.
Q: Is “6 Weeks of Pleasurable Weight Loss” for me?

If you’ve ever struggled with emotional eating and yoyo dieting, if you’re tired of calorie counting, food points, portion control and punishing exercise, then “6 Weeks of Pleasurable Weight Loss” is for you.

Q: I already have your book, “Pleasurable Weight Loss: The Secrets to Feeling Great, Losing Weight, & Feeling Great Today”. Can I still benefit from this “6 Weeks of Pleasurable Weight Loss” home study course?

That’s great! With my book, you would have learned a lot about the science and principles of pleasurable weight loss. It is the perfect reference and go-to-guide to help you understand pleasurable weight loss and know how to live life from your pleasure zone.

While the book is extensive as a reference, it can be challenging to follow through on your own. I found that many women needed extra guidance and support to help them truly live the principles of pleasure and become a Pleasure Connoisseur.

This course is designed to do just that by walking you through each key pleasure principle week-by-week, plus supporting bonuses and fun pleasure exercises, that immerse you in 360 degrees of pleasure for six whole weeks and accelerates your transformation.

Q: Do I need to have read the book, “Pleasurable Weight Loss: The Secrets to Feeling Great, Losing Weight, & Feeling Great Today” before taking this course?

The course will cover all the principles of pleasurable weight loss that is in the book. The course will also guide you on how to apply it to your life and embody it. For that, it is sufficient to do the course on it’s own without having to read the book as a prerequisite.

However, if you like to have the book as an extensive reference and for further reading, you are most welcome to!
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6 Weeks of Pleasurable Weight Loss Program

Pay in Full: $497

or Payment Plan: 3 x $197